Monthly Motivation: Tree

During the rain and snowstorms last month the home of one of HCC’s staff members was hit hard. A microburst of wind hit their neighborhood sending their backyard trampoline airborne, crashing 100 feet into a nearby field. Their largest front yard tree was blown over with roots exposed, and it crashed onto their neighbor’s car and home. Thankfully, no major damage was done and no one was hurt, although a cleanup was needed. As HCC’s staff member tried to figure out how to take care of this fallen tree, local landscapers drove by saying they would cut and haul it away for $600. This quote was too high. Instead, our staff member decided to pray and ask God to bring them someone to just haul it away for free. Within five hours of this prayer, a neighbor showed up with a gas chainsaw to help and a second friend sent a text saying, “I’ve got a big trailer and I’m actually going to the dump today; we can help you out with that fallen tree!” The cleanup was done 48 hours later. Cost: free!