Volunteers are the heartbeat of our mission!

Help us feed, clothe and love families in our community six days a week at three HCC locations in the Valley!

Check out our volunteer video and see HCC volunteers in action!

Volunteer Q&A

How do I check a shift that I’m scheduled for?

You can check which shifts you’re scheduled for on your volunteer profile here.

How do I cancel a scheduled shift?

You can cancel a shift up to 48 hours before that shift on your volunteer profile here.

If you need to cancel after the 48 hour mark, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Adrie Olson at aolson@heedfeed1.org.

How do I sign up for a shift with kids?

Kids ages 6-12 are able to volunteer with a parent/guardian present. Simply sign yourself up and then email Adrie Olson at aolson@hccfeed1.org to let her know there is a child under 13 coming to volunteer with you. Please send their first and last name and age. The adult/child ratio must be one to one.

Kids 13 and up can volunteer without an adult. If they have their own email address, have them fill out a volunteer application and sign up as you did. If they do not have their own email account, email Adrie Olson to get them scheduled.

How far in advance can I sign up for a shift?

You will be able to see and sign up for volunteer shifts two months in advance.

What shift reminders will I receive once I sign up?

You will receive a confirmation email when you sign up for a shift. You’ll receive a reminder email 24 hours before your shift. If you opt in to text messages on your volunteer profile, you’ll also receive a reminder text message. Please opt into text messages so you don’t miss your volunteer shift!

How can I sign up for a shift with a group?

Each member of your group will need to sign up individually. If there are not enough openings choose another date or if your group is larger than 7 people, contact our volunteer coordinator Adrie Olson at aolson@hccfeed1.org.