Tracy Bauer

This month HCC would like to shine a huge spotlight on ROCKSTAR volunteer Tracy Bauer! HCC leaders first met Tracy about a year ago after her daughter suggested she check out the volunteer opportunities that HCC had to offer. When Tracy did her research on HCC she said, “I was overwhelmed with the commitment, vision and mission of the family that started HCC.” Then, without hesitation, Tracy began volunteering.

Tracy added, “There are so many ways and opportunities to serve at HCC and utilize your own talents and skills. I have served in several areas but my passion is the clothing area, ensuring that all our clothing is of high quality and presented to our clients in perfect condition.” We applaud Tracy’s efforts behind the scenes as she truly connects with HCC’s passion to make sure each client who visits HCC experiences a first-class shopping experience!

“At HCC, every volunteer is part of the family. We have a wonderful staff and group of volunteers who are dedicated to helping our communities. It’s far more than giving food and clothing. It’s showing our clients respect, support, faith and hope every day. I am very blessed to be  a part of HCC,” commented Tracy.

Our HCC leaders were touched when Tracy told us that volunteering at HCC is the highlight of her week. She wants anyone considering a new volunteer opportunity to check out HCC!

Thank you, Tracy, for your countless hours of service and your partnership in serving our local neighbors!

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