Boyd Corbett

This month HCC would like to shine a huge spotlight on ROCKSTAR volunteer Boyd Corbett! As COVID-19 began shutting down non-essential businesses, it also shut down Boyd’s weekly work travel routine. Instead of being on the road four to five days a week, Boyd found himself at home with time to finally volunteer at HCC North Phoenix. Boyd jumped in with both feet and asked HCC leaders to schedule him whenever needed. This was a huge help because, at the same time, HCC needed additional hands and feet! Boyd learned how to shop in HCC’s mini-marts and now serves one or two times a week at multiple center locations. “I love being able to help and look forward to serving at HCC each week. Just seeing the smiles of the parents and children we get to serve while volunteering is really special,” commented Boyd.

Boyd, a father to five adult kids, grandpa to seven grandkids and great-grandpa to one precious great-grandson, moved to Phoenix four years ago after being raised in Illinois. After going to school in Kentucky and training horses his entire life, Boyd’s career in manufacturing took him around the world. Boyd’s grateful to now live in the Valley, enjoy the warm weather, and wake up daily for morning hikes with his rescue dog, Ollie.

“Boyd has been serving since COVID-19 hit and he literally hasn’t stopped since. He’s taken the unplanned lull in his career not to sit at home, but to instead take the focus off of his own situation and focus on serving others!” added Nicolee Thompson, HCC Executive Director.

“HCC is the most rewarding organization, you’ll get to serve with friendly people who love the Lord and get to help wonderful families who need a bit of help to get back on their feet,” added Boyd.

Thank you, Boyd, for your countless hours of service, your FEED1 partnership and for being an HCC Champion!

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