Mary S.

Meet Mary!

Did you know that over 2,000 volunteers donate their time running our three centers six days a week? Our volunteers are the heartbeat of HCC and this month we are thrilled to introduce you to another amazing volunteer, Mary. A proud mom of three, Mary has lived in Phoenix since she was three months old. After a recent divorce, Mary was looking for something to fill her time. She used to volunteer when her kids were younger and decided to look for local places where she could once again donate her time. In her search she found HCC!

Mary started out working in HCC’s clothing boutique, then was trained to shop in our mini-mart. That made her eager to learn back-of-the house processing, and recently she also trained to be a computer lead! “Mary loves HCC so much, she truly wanted to learn every role we had to offer,” added HCC manager. “HCC has changed my life! I absolutely love being with all of these amazing people! My heart is so full of joy now!” commented Mary.

When we asked Mary what volunteering at HCC means to her, she replied, “The most rewarding part of helping at HCC is seeing the gratefulness in the eyes of all the wonderful families that come in. I’ve gotten to know so many of them and to see what an impact we are making is truly a blessing!”

Mary encourages others to make it a point to volunteer. “For anyone thinking about volunteering at HCC, I’d say just do it! You’ll be so thankful you did! I’ve met so many amazing people and they have truly made a huge impact.”

Mary has been welcomed into the Harvest Compassion family and we want to thank her publicly for her outstanding work ethic, dedication, and the energy she pours into volunteering at the HCC.

We invite YOU to get involved today and volunteer at HCC. Fill out a volunteer application here.