Monthly Motivation

One of the HCC guests named Lori was shopping online for a new pair of Naturalizer shoes. Lori is now in her 60’s and needed shoes that provided her with extra cushion for her hurting feet. Daily she’d scan the internet trying to find any clearance or sales on these pricey shoes that can run $80 to over $100. Due to Lori’s tight budget, she had given up on finding a great deal on a new pair of black Naturalizer gym shoes. A few days later Lori visited the HCC for her monthly shopping trip. As she shopped for her grocery and clothing items, she had forgotten about the ‘really nice’ shoes that she couldn’t afford. After finishing shopping Lori was ready to say goodbye and be helped to her car. However, out of the corner of her eye as she was picking up her belongings, she spotted one pair of women’s black gym shoes. She thought she might as well go check them out and as she did she realized they were the same exact Naturalizer pair of shoes she had been hunting for. That day Lori received her pricey, almost brand-new Naturalizer shoes FREE of charge!