Harvest Compassion Center WINS Impact AZ Grant!

Last month Impact AZ held a banquet for the 19 nonprofits who were invited to take part in the 2017 Tax Credit Campaign program. Harvest Compassion Center was blessed to be invited to take part in this program. Impact AZ’s mission is to come alongside local nonprofits helping each strengthen their Tax Credit Campaigns, raising thousands in much needed funding. Impact 2017 was an enormous success with over 2.6 million dollars being raised among the 19 nonprofits! Grants were awarded to those nonprofits who showed the most growth and Harvest Compassion Center was awarded top honors, receiving a $15,000 grant! HCC would like to thank Mission Increase Foundation who runs Impact AZ, Keenly Interactive, and all donors who gave their Charitable Tax Credit to MSC/HCC this past year. Each of those gifts has now been multiplied creating greater impact in the Valley!