Monthly Motivation: A Sign

Last month a brand-new HCC Maryvale guest paced back and forth in front of the HCC’s front door. Finally mustering enough courage to walk in, she quickly found herself sitting at the HCC’s check-in desk with tears in her eyes and tissue in hand. Betty told us that day had been the worst day in her life. She recently moved to Arizona with her husband and they settled into an apartment behind the HCC. Through a series of events Betty’s husband had left her that morning, then as she arrived to work late she was fired from her job. Her budget was already tight, she couldn’t go home, she hadn’t had time to meet many friends and she was hungry. She was just driving around town trying to figure out what to do when she saw the HCC Maryvale OPEN sidewalk sign. Something told her to make a u turn and walk in. She did. After receiving her full shopping trip including several hugs, she left us saying, “You have no idea what you all did for me today.”

What’s a sign in your life that you shouldn’t ignore?