HCC Volunteer Spotlight: Becky Pemberton

This month the Harvest Compassion Center Phoenix would like to say thank you to long-time volunteer Becky Pemberton who’s been faithfully volunteering weekly for the past two years! The HCC has many areas in which a volunteer can serve, and one selfless job is ironing all the wrinkled clothing that comes out of the dryers before hanging in the HCC boutique. Due to Becky’s health she works best being able to sit while volunteering. The HCC takes immense pride in presenting clean, ironed clothing to our guests. The HCC asked Becky if she’d be willing to sit each week and iron, allowing our guests to truly feel special that the HCC took the time to make sure they looked like a million bucks in their new clothes. The HCC was thrilled when Becky replied, “Sure, I’ll give it a try!” Becky was hooked after ironing that first shirt, she now owns her ironing station and does an amazing job helping our HCC guests feel the dignity we want them to feel when shopping at the HCC.

One reason why Becky fell in love with volunteering at the HCC is because of the other volunteers she gets to work with stating, “I love them! We’re like a family!”

Becky encourages anyone looking to get involved with their local community to come out and give the HCC a try, “It’s a safe place and serving others always brings you closer to God. The HCC makes me feel useful. I have no more kids at home, so I now feel like I’m a part of something and I know I’m making a difference! When people are in a tough spot, feeling depressed, it’s time to take focus off yourself and feel useful.”

When Becky isn’t volunteering weekly at the HCC she loves spending time with her grandson Ayden, being with friends, watching TV with her husband, hanging out with her dogs and traveling. Once again, we’d like to thank Becky for her willingness to serve others and for the sunshine she brings weekly to the HCC.

Interested in Volunteering at our Phoenix or Maryvale location? Please contact Adrie Olson at