What A Difference A Year Makes! HCC Maryvale Update

Last January our newsletter featured an update about Harvest Compassion Center Maryvale ‘coming soon!’ Now 11 months after opening HCC Maryvale has found its stride! Paul Thompson, HCC Maryvale’s Director of Operations, reports that they have recently seen an explosion of activity at this newest location. “We anticipated the first few months being slow, as word of mouth and social media helped us spread the word that HCC Maryvale was open and ready to serve. However, it took the community a little longer to trust that our mission was real, that all we want to do is help and love the Maryvale community,” commented Paul.

The wait is over! Maryvale’s two weekday shifts have officially taken off, with 60 families being the busiest shift to date. “Let’s just say word is officially out! The neighborhood trusts us, local police are passing out our flyers on calls, foster families know we are here to help, and friends are letting friends know where to go when in need. It’s never a quiet day at Maryvale, God has poured His blessing over our space and we now get to serve others in His name,” said Paul.

All of us at MSC, Inc. would like to thank Paul and the volunteers who have helped launch HCC Maryvale this past year. It has been a learning curve for our leadership team as we dove into a new community and new demographics who were experiencing new needs. To date HCC Maryvale has served over 1,600 families. 60% of those who visit HCC Maryvale each week continue to be brand new guests.

“We are extremely excited about HCC Maryvale’s progress in serving the local community. HCC’s overall vision is to open new centers in underserved zip codes, while continuing to offer our clients a first-class shopping experience making HCC a place that they actually want to revisit, if they have a need. We’ve learned a lot while launching and watching Maryvale progress, and have taken strong notes for future centers,” commented Nicolee Thompson, Executive Director.

Want to make a difference in a life today? HCC Maryvale needs you! Volunteers are needed weekly on Tuesday and Friday mornings 8:30am to noon.

To find out more information about HCC Maryvale and how to volunteer, click the link below: