It’s The New Year, Did You Forget To Make Your 2018 Arizona Charitable Tax-Credit Gift?

Happy New Year from all of us at MSC, Inc. / Harvest Compassion Centers! Most of us concluded December with some year-end giving, and a portion of that usually included making an Arizona Charitable Tax-Credit gift. But don’t worry if you didn’t get that gift submitted before the end of 2018, Arizona law allows you to still make your tax-credit gift up until April of 2019 for the previous tax year. That’s right! You can figure out your state tax liability this month and donate what you owe the state to HCC instead. Then submit your HCC giving receipt to your CPA and ask for your dollar-for-dollar credit. Be sure to include HCC’s state code: 20157. If you live outside of Arizona, let’s hope your state follows Arizona’s lead soon! Millions are donated each year through the Charitable Tax-Credit Program and allows thousands of nonprofits just like HCC to continue our outreach work!

Thank you to all who have made their tax-credit gifts to HCC for 2018 – We are seeking 300 more gifts to help us multiply each gift by winning this year’s IMPACT AZ $50,000 Grant! Each and every gift (no matter the size) helps us take one step closer! Please share this news with a friend today!

Still not sure how the Charitable Tax-Credit Plan works, watch this short video below, then follow this link to:

donate online today!