HCC’s Christmas Toy Extravaganza!

Four years ago, HCC Phoenix set out to spread a little extra Christmas cheer during the month of December. Many HCC clients came in asking for Christmas toys, but always had to say no. HCC leaders decided it was time to start saying, “yes” and meet this need in their local community. Our little toy drive started out by giving away almost 400 toys its first year, then grew to almost 1,000 toys the second year, and then exploded last year, with lots of local community involvement giving way over 3,400 toys.

HCC leaders knew they had to aim high for this year’s collection because we had grown to two centers. HCC leaders and advisory team members prayed and set a goal of collecting 6,000 toys in December. Our prayer was not only answered- but exceeded as HCC Phoenix and Maryvale collected and distributed over 13,400 toys!

“We can’t believe the outpouring of local community support and those who want to truly bless another family at Christmas time!” said one HCC Advisory Team member.

A HCC volunteer commented, “One of my favorite Christmas moments last month, while passing out toys at HCC Phoenix, was when a previously homeless, single dad of two little boys was able to find a ride to pick out bags of toys for his two sons. The family had been homeless for most of the year, and had recently secured housing thanks to another nonprofit’s help, unfortunately the single dad found himself unable to buy any toys for his boys for Christmas. He called HCC Phoenix on December 21 frantic and almost begging for help. We were able to say ‘YES, we can help you!’ The very next day, on December 22 (our last day of toy distribution) three more huge loads of toys were donated and dropped off. This single dad waited in line patiently and couldn’t stop thanking us after he had hand picked some toys for his sons.”

Another HCC volunteer commented, “My favorite moment was when a 11-year-old girl turned around and said thank you to me for the toys, then smiled real big and said, “This is the first year EVER that we are doing Christmas!”

HCC sends out a HUGE THANK YOU to all local community partners who collected one, two, or more HCC toy bins during the Holiday season. Your incredible dedication to serve others allowed the many smiling faces below to experience some extra Christmas joy! Thank you for impacting each and every smile!