Where Do All Our Donations Really Come From?

Often potential donors, friends and guests ask us, “Where do you get all your donated items?”  The answer is simple, from anyone and everywhere!  We hunt for donations year-round, using word of mouth as our main source to attract future donations of food, hygiene and clothing items.  When a friend tells a friend where to donate their old clothes, the community wins!  The Harvest Compassion Center receives gently-used and new donations; they are sorted, laundered and stocked in our clothing boutique.  What about the donations that aren’t in the best condition, what do you all do with those?  We pride ourselves at the HCC to putting nothing to waste; part of this incentive is to recycle all items that are damaged, stained, torn, and broken.  These items are picked up by a partner non-profit called Community Works of Arizona.  Community Works recycles these items and the HCC receives cents per pound, funding that is put directly back into the HCC to purchase new product.  When our guests ask how can we give back to the HCC for all you have done for my family, our answer is simple, “Clean out your closets next time you come in, donate your unwanted clothes to us and you’ll be putting food right back on our shelves!”  Our guests fully embrace this opportunity as we often are met at the door with bags of clothing!

Did you know the Harvest Compassion Center disperses on average over 4,500 pieces of clothing per month!  This is a TON of clothes and shoes!  To be able to keep up with this demand we encourage YOU to donate to the HCC all your unwanted clothing, shoes and small home and baby items. We take all seasons and sizes year round.  Once you donate to the HCC we ask that you tell at least one friend where they can take their donations, the more we spread the word, the more clothing items we’ll be able to give.  Just last week a family was shopping at a weekend estate sale.  The mother asks the estate sale owner, what will you do with all the leftover clothing?  The owner had no idea, she told her about the HCC and our clothing need, the rest was history, two days later a call was made and this mother picked up 15 bags of clothing free of charge.  We never know the prior life of our donated items, however we do know that each piece has ‘life’ still in it, and we’d love to be able to serve others in this way.

To donate all food, hygiene, clothing, baby and small household items please visit the Harvest Compassion Center Mondays and Wednesdays 9am to noon and Saturdays 2-4:30pm.  Receipts are available for all donations.