HCC Volunteer Spotlight: Cheryl Joseph

Every month HCC is honored to highlight one of our amazing volunteers, this month HCC Phoenix volunteer Cheryl Joseph is deserving of this honor! Cheryl, a Phoenix native, started volunteering at HCC Phoenix about 10 months ago after her sister had checked out HCC on a group outing. Cheryl thought she would check out HCC Phoenix for herself and signed up to volunteer.

Cheryl enjoyed her first time volunteering at HCC and has been coming back almost weekly ever since. One can find Cheryl greeting HCC guests while working in HCC’s clothing boutique. “I had never had a job in retail, so I think this fills that gap! It’s fun helping people find outfits and keeping things neat and clean for our shoppers.”

When we asked Cheryl what her favorite thing was about volunteering at HCC she commented, “I really respect the efficiency of this organization. There are routines and standards in place and they are there for a reason. When you volunteer, you know exactly what your tasks are. This frees you to do your job and spend time talking with guests as you assist them. When I’m at Harvest, I always feel that I am needed.”

Cheryl, who retired a year ago after careers in teaching and event planning, jumped into volunteering at a variety of organizations to help fill her new free time. “I got the “volunteer gene” from my mother, who is 90 years old and still volunteering! This is a way for me to share God’s love with others and share the blessings and abilities that He has given to me.”

This mother of two and grandmother of three loves telling others about HCC as Cheryl is often the catalyst for outside food and clothing drives. She also loves spreading the word about HCC’s resources so those in need know where to shop.

The entire HCC team thanks Cheryl for her countless hours of volunteering service at HCC Phoenix and the behind the scenes work she assists with when asked. Cheryl, you are an awesome example of someone truly serving the needs of others, thank you.

If you’re interested in volunteering at HCCs across the Valley, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Adrie Olson at