Monthly Motivation: The Power of a Community Board

Each HCC location has a small community board that is constantly filled with information about free community events, job training, job postings, classes and more.

Last month a middle-aged woman visited HCC Maryvale and began reading the posted community flyers while she waited to be served. This lady had been out of work for several months and was feeling very depressed about her lack of employment. As she scanned the HCC board she saw a job posting and training opportunity for a very large bank in the area. She immediately thought, “There’s no way I would ever get that job!” Then she paused, and said to herself, “I have nothing else, so there’s nothing to lose!” She took a picture of the flyer, followed up that day, went through some training, then came interview time and … drum roll please… she GOT THE JOB!

She came in the following week to HCC Maryvale and told the entire story and thanked HCC staff and volunteers for that community board!