SPROUTS Give Back: Foster Care Night

Once a quarter our Serving SPROUTS (Small People Reaching Out Unselfishly To Serve) Kids’ Program partners with local nonprofits to give back towards their cause. Last month our Serving SPROUTS were invited to partner with Arms of Love Foster Care at their “Date Night Out” event. Foster parents were invited to enjoy a date night out, dropping off their bio and foster kids with volunteers who had a fun-filled night planned for the kids. Our Serving SPROUTS oversaw hosting all the craft tables. The SPROUTS hosted a Mother’s Day table, helping kids plant a flower for mom, a make-your-own-slime table (which was a HUGE HIT!), a thank you card station where the kids made cards for first responders, and face painting. The SPROUTS were able to bless the foster and bio kids with a full night while moms and dads were able to recharge! Thank you to all the SPROUTS who came out, their parents for being intentional on teaching their kids how to serve others and to Laura Thurbon for her amazing face painting skills and generosity! Click on the Photo Gallery link below to view the night’s activities.

To find our more information on how your family can become a Serving S.P.R.O.U.T please click here!