A Special Thank You!

Did you know that half of HCC’s clients are kids under the age of twelve? Because we serve thousands of kiddos every year, a huge priority is making sure the needs of our youngest clients are always taken care of! HCC holds special kid-focused outreaches, such as our Back-2-School drive and our upcoming Holiday Toy drive. But how do we meet their needs every day? It’s about high fiving each kid who walks in or picking up the little kids who seek our attention or taking time to play with them in our kids’ play corners. What about those kids who just happen to stop in on their birthday? Well, we thought we should have a supply of brand-new gifts in the back “just in case” so we can help celebrate their special day, too! Some of the most memorable moments our volunteers and team share are playing with the kids who visit us. To see their excitement as they make a new friend lets our team know we’re truly making a difference.

Last week, twin brothers, who just love visiting Miss Lori each month, thanked her for her incredible service to our littles by giving her these two very special “thank you” drawings!