Monthly Motivation: Where Did It Go?

Last month this little girl, Luna, was having a wonderful time playing in our kids’ play corner while mom and grandma shopped for the family’s groceries. A volunteer was playing with her, throwing a ball around and helping her pick out a new book to take home. Suddenly, the volunteer noticed a drop of blood on the floor. She quickly jumped up to further investigate and clean up the spot. Minutes later the volunteer was still looking: where did the drop of blood come from? Then our puzzled volunteer glanced over at Luna and noticed her lips were a brighter red than before. She approached Luna and asked her to smile. Mystery solved; Luna had lost her first tooth! Luna said, “Look! It fell out!” The volunteer smiled back and made sure Luna would be able to take her tooth home with her so the tooth fairy could visit. As word spread of Luna’s lost tooth, our center manager, Paul, came over and gave her some candy announcing, “Special delivery from the tooth fairy!”