Serving SPROUTS Homeless Outreach

Each quarter the HCC’s kids program called Serving SPROUTS (Small People Reaching Out Unselfishly To Serve) partners with another non-profit to serve and expose our SPROUTS to different causes and charities around the Valley.  Our SPROUTS did an amazing job teaming up with Andre House and Masters of the Servant to pass out a hot breakfast, hygiene packs, small Bibles and water to over 700 homeless individuals last month.  Joining other regular volunteers several SPROUTS and their families met downtown Phoenix at 7am on a Saturday morning delivering the 600 hygiene packs they made earlier in the month.

“I never knew this type of poverty was alive in Phoenix,” commented one SPROUT parent.  Several SPROUT eyes were open to the hard life that Arizona’s homeless population lives day in and day out.  More than 25,800 people in Maricopa County have no place to call home.  Each SPROUT truly saw the poor conditions of those calling the streets their home, reminding them how much they have to be thankful for.  “The purpose for these serving events is to initiate constructive conversations with our kids to and from these events.  They are amazing teaching opportunities that our kids remember because they are right in the middle of the action,” commented Nicolee Thompson Serving SPROUTS Director.

“I never knew so many people lived like this.  I see a homeless person at the street light sometimes, but downtown there were so many, it made me sad; but I was so glad I was able to help them!  They were very nice to me and I wasn’t scared at all,” replied Alijah Thompson a Serving SPROUT.

All of us at Harvest Compassion Center Phoenix are thankful to our partners in this homeless outreach, to those who donated hygiene items that were handed out and those who came out earlier to make the packs.  We also thank each Serving SPROUT parent for being part of this event as together we continue to show each one of our kiddos the importance of serving!

For join Serving SPROUTS please email Nicolee Thompson.