7-year-old Donates Her Birthday to FEED Others!

Meet newly 7-year-old Lauren Legan.  She loves stuff animals, Moana and playing store.  She also made a very grown up decision as she prepared to turn 7.  Lauren asked her parents for a birthday party where all her friends and family could come jump in a bounce house, play games and eat tons of sugar.  However, her next request isn’t the typical response from those turning 7.  Lauren also asked for no presents this year, instead she asked her party guests to donate boxes of cereal, so she could donate them all to the Harvest Compassion Center Phoenix.  “I have a lot of toys already, and I get to work at the Harvest Compassion Center and they haven’t had cereal in weeks!  So, I thought that I could help,” replied Lauren.

And help Lauren did!   Lauren surpassed her goal of collecting 50 boxes of cereal by collecting 70 boxes and delivering them to the Harvest Compassion Center Phoenix last month.  The HCC Phoenix was completely out of cereal at the time of Lauren’s large cereal donation, making the timing of her gift even more perfect!

Each one of us can learn a thing or two from this amazing 7-year-old: You are never too young to make a difference!  The HCC Phoenix applauds you Lauren on a job well done!