Remembering Mitch, the Inspiration Behind Harvest Compassion!

On August 14 we will celebrate the life and legacy of Mitch, the 23-year-old whose life continues to impact thousands. The Lord called Mitch home to heaven on August 14, 2004, during a fun-filled camping trip that quickly turned into a river rafting accident. In the first few days following Mitch’s funeral his family felt led to carry on Mitch’s memory and, within weeks, Mitchell Swaback Charities, Inc. was born. “We had no idea what we were doing when we launched MSC, we just knew that Mitch’s energy and smile needed to live on. Mitch was always the first to volunteer to help a friend, the first to sign up to build something, the first person to show up not knowing who or how they were helping and the first to offer anyone one of his strong, bear hugs! My family and I wanted to create something that ‘showed up’ daily just as Mitch did,” added Nicolee Thompson, Mitch’s sister.

Today, 17 years after that tragic day, well over 100,000 lives have been loved because of Mitch. “Tears fill my eyes when I complete our impact reports every year, as I continue to live out the reality that, because of my little brother, thousands of kids, families, veterans, homeless individuals, single parents and so many others have visited us at Harvest Compassion Centers and know their lives have value. Would I love to have my brother back home with us? Absolutely! But that wasn’t the path that God had for our family. Am I blessed beyond measure by how MSC/HCC has blossomed? Absolutely! Our mission will continue to love others to the best of our ability. Thank you, Mitch, for setting the example for all of us of how to look beyond appearance, never judge on first impressions and courageously jump in with both feet when you don’t know what the outcome will be!”

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