Monthly Motivation …. Stories of Hope

At the Harvest Compassion Center, the local food and clothing bank operated and funded by MSC, we never know where our next donation may come from and/or how our needs will be met.  We’ve been low at the HCC on diapers for about two weeks; having to tell many guests, “I’m sorry we’re out of that size.” What a blessing it was over the weekend when twin brothers walked into the HCC with a truck load of donations, including much needed diapers!  These twin brothers who just celebrated their 11th birthday decided to donate their birthday to the HCC and their community, by asking family and friends to donate grocery, hygiene and baby items to the HCC instead of the usual ‘tween’ birthday gift.  God’s timing once again was perfect, and to see Him deliver our needs through 11 year-old’s is even sweeter!