Civitan Foundation Partners with Harvest Compassion Center

A couple months ago, the Harvest Compassion Center was honored with a spot in a prominent, non-profit training that brought together 22 outstanding charities across the Phoenix area.  One benefit of being involved with various non-profit trainings is the ability to network and be introduced to awesome charitable work being done in the Valley.  During this particular program, HCC’s Executive Director met the Media Coordinator for a non-profit called Civitan Foundation, who strives to deliver tailored programs and services to meet the ever-changing needs of children and adults they serve with developmental disabilities.  Civitan invites their clients in providing them with meaningful jobs helping them earn a fair wage, as well as, volunteer opportunities.  After discussing the HCC’s mission and reviewing it Civitan, we thought why not bridge the two together?

For the past five weeks, 3-4 Civitan clients have come to volunteer every Monday helping serve HCC guests with free groceries and clothing.  The Civitan clients have a chaperone that drives them over, and helps teach them how to shop with HCC guests, bag their clothes and walk them to their cars.  “We’ve really enjoyed having the Civitan group in the HCC, their smiles and friendly attitudes are a perfect fit for the HCC.  God made each of us in His unique way, some of us live life with handicaps and difficult physical and/or mental challenges, but all of us are deserving of equal treatment and love, Civitan exhorts these values to their clients,” replied a HCC volunteer.

We hope to continue to work with the Civitan Foundation, as well as other deserving non-profits in the years to come.  Each time we choose to work together more is accomplished and a greater impact is made for the better of the community!

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