Monthly Motivation: Elisabeth

Elisabeth was a first-time guest of HCC who suddenly found herself sitting in prayer at HCC’s check-in desk asking the Lord to provide a much-needed job ASAP! After losing her job several months prior her savings were dwindling, and she was struggling to survive on free resources. Her days were filled with not knowing where her next meal would come from, whether today would be the day her landlord had enough and kicked her out of her apartment, and job rejection phone calls. After Elisabeth shared these details, the HCC check-in volunteer prayed and assured her that the Lord can provide that job today or tomorrow and to have faith. Faith was new to Elisabeth and she wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. However, Elisabeth left the HCC that day with a car load of groceries, new clothing for interviews and a renewed energy that a job will be provided!

Two days later HCC’s phone rang. It was Elisabeth thrilled to report back to the HCC that God had provided that job she needed within 48 hours of her very first prayer!