Monthly Motivation: April 2022

Last month a couple came in to donate a carload of brand-new hygiene and food items and gently used clothing their kids had outgrown. After learning it was their first time donating to HCC, our manager asked how they had heard about us. They replied, “About seven years ago you all helped us. We came and shopped here before!” They described how their family had struggled for about a year and half to find good paying, steady jobs and how they found themselves short every month due to the expense of increasing rent and resources required for their special needs child. They found HCC by doing a Google search and shopped with us for over a year. With big smiles on their faces, the couple happily announced, “We now are in the position to give back ourselves!” Before leaving they told us, “We also looked online and will be signing up to be a monthly FEED1 partner so we can feed a family monthly and pay it forward!”

What an encouraging moment to meet a family who was able to get back on their feet and then return to HCC seven years later to now show other families that they are there for them, too!

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