A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Last month in one of our lobbies a volunteer noticed a family pointing to one of the poster-sized kid photos on the wall. A young boy in the group was pointing and talking excitedly to the others. As our volunteer approached the family to see why they had such as interest in ‘that’ kid poster, the boy turned around and smiled. This smiling boy was the same boy pictured on our wall! “I don’t remember you taking this photo!” the boy said. “I do!” added his mom with a smile. The volunteer pulled over our center manager and they had such a fun time catching up. This family hadn’t visited us for the past two years. The entire family had isolated since the pandemic hit because they had an elderly family member staying with them who needed full-time care due to long term COVID. Another family member and friend had already passed away from COVID and they weren’t taking any chances. This family has been through a devastating season of life but, as they continued to tell us their story, we couldn’t help but notice our friend’s smile never faded!