HCC Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Lopez

This month’s volunteer spotlight is on Emily Lopez who started volunteering in the summer of 2016. Emily, going into her senior year of high school, is one of our younger volunteers who shows maturity beyond her years as she interacts with HCC guests with ultimate care and compassion! Emily has worked in every area of HCC. She has shopped with guests for food and clothing and has run the lobby. When we asked Emily what her favorite thing about volunteering at the HCC is, she answered, “It is definitely the atmosphere. There is a feeling of serenity and generosity within every corner of the building. You can never feel out of place, and every person who works/volunteers radiates a lovely aura of friendliness.”

Emily truly has a servant’s heart, as she not only volunteers her time at HCC she also is a regular volunteer at Mom’s Pantry, St. Mary’s Food Bank and the Phoenix Art Museum. Emily is constantly volunteering because of one important lesson her mother taught her, “Always remember that life is a cycle, while I may be at the top of the world one day I need to remind myself that someone else could be experiencing their worst day, and we’re there to serve on those days.”

Besides volunteering in her local community Emily loves her family and dog, reading and playing the violin. Her goal is to become a Supreme Court judge and continue to give to those who need help getting back on their feet.

All of us at HCC know Emily will do amazing things in the future to impact her community, state and country! Thank you, Emily, for showing us all how to be a light to our community! If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Adrie Olson at