HCC Client Shares Heartbreaking News

Everyday our clients continue to share stories of struggles related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Job losses to medical crises and fear are still very real issues for thousands of the underserved, disadvantaged populations HCC serves weekly. Last month one client, who is now a dear friend of ours, came in with tears in his eyes. Assuming he would share another COVID-19 related hardship, our team members were quickly moved to tears after hearing his 12-year-old daughter had been killed in a car accident a few weeks earlier. She had been sitting in the back seat of a van when a semi-truck lost control.  The crash resulted in several innocent victims losing their lives on an Arizona highway.

His story reminded our team that every day accidents, new diagnoses, abuses, and so many other hardships are still happening, on top of COVID-19 struggles. On this morning, our team at HCC West Phoenix was able to pray, cry and love our friend whose new reality was just setting in; a lifetime without his daughter.