Giving THANKS, This Thanksgiving…

As I sit and reflect on what a ‘season’ it has been, I can hardly believe all of the blessings that have been poured on the work being done at Harvest Compassion Centers. I am often asked, “How is it running a food bank during COVID-19?” Before I even answer I can tell, by their tone and body language, they are really saying, “I’m glad I don’t have your job!” But, my answer has remained the same for the past six months, “It’s actually pretty amazing!” God continues to provide, allowing us to meet every single new need: losing half of our volunteers in a matter of days, major food partners shutting their doors, navigating how to keep our centers open and safe, the rising cost of food prices and, remember, we were also in the middle of launching a brand new HCC location!

But, guess what? IT ALL WAS PROVIDED FOR!

As Thanksgiving approaches later this month, I’d like to share my thank-you list. It overwhelms me to tears as I think back to the crazy COVID-19 season we are living in. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still very much in this season, but isn’t that the best time to stop and simply ‘be thankful?!’

  1. New HCC volunteers trusting our safety operations to come serve their neighbors in need.
  2. Hundreds of NEW community partners who have given one-time gifts & NEW FEED 1 partners!
  3. Dozens of neighbors who literally pull up at HCC’s with cars overstuffed with brand-new food donations!
  4. The opportunity to open HCC West Phoenix in an underserved, high-need community during a pandemic!
  5. The privilege of keeping HCC doors open as an essential business when COVID-19 hit!
  6. The opportunity to serve new families who never had to Google ‘local food bank’ before.
  7. The sweet prayers, cries and smiles that families offer us as they say, “Thank You.”
  8. Current HCC partners who did not forget about us and remained faithful in our partnership!
  9. The chance to grow each HCC staff member as a true community leader.
  10. The awesome platform to bring HOPE to those who feel hopeless in this pandemic!

We will press on…from my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicolee Thompson
MSC/HCC Executive Director