AZ Gives Day and IMPACT AZ Tax Credit Programs Both a HUGE Success!

Our board would like to report that MSC, Inc./HCC’s first time taking part in both IMPACT AZ and AZ Gives Day have been two successful fundraising campaigns helping us fully fund Harvest Compassion Center Phoenix/Maryvale!

IMPACT AZ is a grant initiative program of Mission Increase AZ that HCC was invited to take part of. The program is designed to help tax credit eligible non-profit organizations become healthier, stronger and financially sustainable by maximizing the use of the AZ State Tax Credit. IMPACT AZ gave HCC leaders training, coaching and access to experts in the non-profit industry to help create HCC’s first ever Tax Credit campaign. HCC is one of 20 non-profits in the state of Arizona selected for this program and has a chance to win one of six grants totaling $100,000. HCC is thrilled to announce that this year’s Tax Credit campaign raised over $67,000 from over 200 donors! IMPACT AZ is holding a grant ceremony on May 17th where the HCC will learn if they have won one of the grants available. Overall, the HCC is excited about this year’s outcomes and are ready to kick-start next year’s campaign! Thank you to IMPACT AZ for their support and willingness to direct this campaign! For more information on IMPACT AZ please visit their website at

Campaign #2 AZ Gives Day! This past April 3rd, 2018, 905 non-profits in the state of Arizona participated in AZ Gives Day and raised a total of $3.2 million dollars, making this the largest amount raised in the six years of AZ Gives Day’s existence! The Arizona Give program is run by the Alliance of AZ Non-profits and Arizona Grantmakers Forum. The event was started in 2013 to connect people with causes they believe in and build a lasting, stronger spirit of philanthropy. Since it’s inception, AZ Gives Day has raised more than $13.4 million dollars for nonprofits statewide. This year the Harvest Compassion Center was able to partner with AZ Gives Day and raise over $12,000! Thank you to all who donated on April 3rd helping make this one day of giving truly impactful! For more information about AZ Gives Day please visit their website at:

The HCC feels truly blessed by each dollar raised through these two fundraising programs. Without the generous gifts of others, the outreach of Harvest Compassion Centers does not happen!

Did you miss donating your state Tax Credit or forget to donate on April 3rd…. no problem, sign up today to become HCC’s newest FEED 1 Partner for only $28.00 dollars a month and feed one family with us! The need is greater than we ever imagined, join us as we feed, clothe and serve our neighbors!