Your Year-End Giving & Impact AZ Teaming Up!

As you consider your year-end giving this month, we humbly ask that you consider making a year-end gift to the Harvest Compassion Center. This year HCC has teamed up with Impact Arizona, an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit mentoring program. The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program allows all Arizona tax payers to donate their tax liability to the Harvest Compassion Center instead of paying the state.

With our partnership with Impact Arizona HCC is competing to win one of their grants totaling $50,000! How does HCC win one of these Impact Arizona grants? Every Chartable Tax Credit gift helps us win! Charitable Tax Credits of any size helps HCC take one step closer to winning a grant and multiplying your gift!

Text FEEDAZ to 77977 or donate online today!

To learn more about this amazing Arizona program please watch this 2-minute video…