Volunteer of the Month: Help Us Celebrate Roman!

Did you know that HCC has a deep heart and desire to plant seeds of service in kids of all ages? Meet this month’s rockstar volunteer, Roman, who literally began volunteering when he was a baby! Roman’s mom has been a faithful computer lead at HCC North Phoenix for over ten years and, ever since Roman was born, he has been coming to HCC when his mom volunteers. Today Roman is 8 years old and enjoying the second grade. He lives in Phoenix with his mom, dad, and two brothers.

Roman gets to help in the processing area with his favorite HCC lead, GG. He’s done everything from sorting donations, cleaning, and sanitizing toys for the kids play corner, to cleaning the entire center! Roman told us he likes to volunteer, “Because it’s fun, I get to help other people and it honors God. I really like working with GG and she gives me candy when I work!” Recently Roman came in when we were completing some renovations and he was able to jump in and get some on-the-job training in construction, too!

We asked Roman, “Why should other people come and volunteer at an HCC location?” This wise young man told us, “Because you are helping people who need help, and it’s a really nice place!”


We are in need to staff our West Phoenix and Maryvale locations immediately at:

Monday and Thursday mornings at HCC West Phoenix
Tuesday and Friday mornings at HCC Maryvale

Will you dive outside your comfort zone and volunteer at one of these two locations, located in communities who truly need your time?

Book your SUMMER SERVING days before it’s too late!

Thank you Roman for your years of service and for showing everyone that kids do make a HUGE IMPACT!