Tribute to an HCC Volunteer: Chuck Sampson

HCC Champion Chuck Sampson
HCC Champion Chuck Sampson

It is with a very heavy heart that HCC announces that longtime HCC donor, partner and volunteer Chuck Sampson passed away last month at the age of 93-1/2. Chuck, a World War II veteran, lost his short fight with pancreatic cancer. Chuck was also the grandfather of Mitch Swaback, the inspiration behind MSC/HCC’s outreach. As only the Lord can plan, Chuck passed away on August 14, the same day as Mitch, only 16 years later.

Chuck, who he introduced himself as “Papa Chuck to all,” was a true servant his entire life and in his later years, he became one of HCC’s biggest cheerleaders and champions! He insisted on racing each year for Team MSC/HCC events, walking in his last race one year ago at the age of 92. “I’ll rest and stop serving when I’m gone,” Chuck would repeat often. He volunteered each month at both HCC North Phoenix and Maryvale and also recruited and brought several groups to the HCC to help spread the word of our organization. Chuck’s garage was filled weekly by neighbors and friends who would drop off clothing donations for Chuck to deliver to HCC. He never stopped sharing the good news and work that was being done at our local outreach centers. Papa Chuck was also famously well-known for his homemade hot fudge sauce, often bringing numerous jars to pass out to fellow HCC volunteers and staff.

“There was no one quite like Papa Chuck. His true passion was to be a servant and be used by the Lord to love and reach others. He was an HCC staple and will be dearly missed by the entire MSC/HCC family. Thank you, Papa Chuck, for your many years of service and partnership,” commented Executive Director Nicolee Thompson.

One week before Chuck passed away, he expressed his frustration that he wasn’t going to be able to ‘race’ in this year’s fall virtual event, Run1 Feed1. He knew he wasn’t going to make it to see October 3. Two days later HCC leaders created Chuck’s team page, just as he created over the past several years, showing that God was still using him, even from his bed. Chuck smiled and was pleased. Please take a look at Chuck’s final ‘race’ page and the tributes that have come in.