Syrian Refugees Visit the HCC

We never know what new challenges we will face at the Harvest Compassion Center as we continue our mission of feeding and serving the community in the Phoenix area. Different walks of life are welcomed and seen daily at the HCC. Especially over the past five weeks, we have now welcomed a new group to our community, Syrian refugee families. At first one refugee family visited the HCC, then the following week a couple more, now on average we are serving a dozen refugee families a week. We are honored to serve our new international friends with our free services; however it is tricky because of our language barrier. Syrian’s speak Arabic, and depending on the region they have come from, different dialects as well. The HCC is now translating all of our material into Arabic so we can make our new guests feel as welcomed and loved as possible. These families have fled war zones, some come in with missing limbs, and all have children who are searching for a safe place to call home. Some have been in the U.S. just one month, and are having trouble adjusting to their new surroundings. Our goal remains to show compassion to all of our guests, spreading the same love that Jesus shows us daily!
If you speak and/or can assist the HCC in translating in Arabic, please contact Nicolee Thompson. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!