SPROUT of the month: Meet Cari

Meet 12-year-old Cari Legere who has been a Serving SPROUT for the past two years. Cari is homeschooled by her mom and is in the seventh grade. Cari is one of our SPROUT entrepreneurs who launched her Mellow-Pop business last year. Every marshmallow pop she sells helps her feed another family. Cari recently participated in our summer serving project, making blankets for kids going through cancer treatments, and also regularly participates in our quarterly serving events. When we asked Cari what she likes about being a Serving SPROUT she replied, “I like serving people and it’s a lot of fun!” Cari also enjoys reading, hiking, traveling and eating chocolate and ice cream!

Great job, Cari, feeding a family every single month, you inspire us all!

Interested in getting your kids involved with Serving SPROUTS? Email Lauren Sullivan.