Serving Local Veterans

Last month HCC Maryvale and North Phoenix were thrilled to partner with The American Legion District 11 and District 12 in hosting four days of feeding and serving local veterans in the Valley.  Partnerships are the backbone of how we feed, clothe, serve and reach more families in need.  The American Legion district leaders told us they needed a way to deliver food and supplies to veteran families who were not able to leave their homes and/or come in contact with others during COVID-19 because of their disabilities and various health conditions.  Four veteran-only service days were hosted at HCC locations which included a drive-through, no-contact distribution process, as well as American Legion volunteers taking bags of food and delivering them to veterans’ homes.  In all, 394 bags of food were distributed to local veterans and the Hopi reservation.  Over 50 volunteers from The American Legion and HCC came out to support our local heroes.

“We are so blessed for the opportunity to partner with The American Legion so that HCC can help serve those who so selflessly served for us,” commented Heidi Dwigun, HCC North Phoenix Director.

All of us at HCC are very grateful for the support of American Legion members and leaders who were a pleasure to work with showing care for those who first made sacrifices for our freedom!

To view a recap of this event and hear more about the mission of The American Legion, visit HCC’s You Tube Channel.