Random ACTS of KINDNESS DO Happen!

waterLast month when a HCC Volunteer was shopping at Costco to purchase several cases of bottled water for our guests at the Harvest Compassion Center the man in the front of the line noticed her. This man noticed a lady buying LOTS of water and as his curiosity grew, he leaned over and asked the volunteer, “What’s all the water for?” The HCC volunteer smiled and replied, “I’m buying water for the Harvest Compassion Center.” The man replied, “The who? What’s that?” The HCC Volunteer continued to tell her new friend in line all about the HCC, and what they do and how they feed and clothe the hungry.

As the man finished paying for his own Costco load, he turned and looked at the cashier and said, “I’m going to pay for all that water also, please.” The cashier returned a look to the man, almost saying with her eyes, “Are you sure?”

After the man purchased all the water for the HCC, they walked to the exit, and then headed to the HCC volunteer’s car so he could get a HCC postcard with more information. As the car was loaded the HCC Volunteer turned to the man and said, “May I at least have your name so I can thank you?” The man replied, “My name’s not important, just God bless you all for the work you’re doing!”