North Valley Symphony Orchestra Partners with HCC

The North Valley Symphony Orchestra is a community based orchestra serving the Phoenix North Central Valley by building community through musical performance and education, while enhancing music appreciation through artistically engaging concert experiences for audiences of all ages.  This community partner engages three orchestras to reach younger, aspiring artists; including youth, high school, and college aged orchestras.

The North Valley Symphony truly provides a place for talented, local musicians to perform and honors their local community with low cost access to performances.  Along with these two goals, they also reach out to other community members.  The Harvest Compassion Center will be their community partner for their upcoming Christmas Concert entitled “A Santa Claus Symphony” this coming December 3rd 2016 at North Canyon High School.  The North Valley Symphony Orchestra will collect non-perishable items for the HCC helping to ensure our shelves don’t run dry during the busiest month of the year!

Thank you to the North Valley Symphony Orchestra for your desire to partner with the HCC, allowing us to reach more hurting families during the holidays!

For more information or to purchase tickets please visit the North Valley Symphony Orchestra’s website.