Monthly Motivation: September 2021

Last month on a Friday morning a brand-new volunteer was serving as a personal shopper in our mini mart. She enjoyed the morning, greeting and getting to know each client she shopped with and connecting one on one with strangers. The last client of the day happened to be a homeless woman, about the same size as this new volunteer. As they shopped for food together, the volunteer noticed the client’s shoes were falling apart and then, as they walked, a piece of the sole came off. Our new volunteer quickly asked HCC staff if there was a pair of size 7 gym shoes for this client. After searching all over the center HCC staff had to tell our client that, unfortunately, they couldn’t find any women’s size 7 shoes. Immediately after hearing this, our new volunteer took off the size 7 gym shoes that she was wearing and gave them to our homeless friend. That morning our homeless friend left wearing comfortable shoes and our new volunteer walked out in a donated pair of flip flops!

What are you willing to give today to meet the need of someone else? Most often it doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, simply removing your shoes can definitely be enough!