Monthly Motivation

Over the last several months a homeless couple in their 60s visited HCC Maryvale every 30 days. They were a sweet couple who had fallen on hard times a few years back and were never quite able to get back on their feet. Over time, they grew accustomed to living on the streets and looking out for each other. Last month the wife came in alone and shared at check-in that her husband of 25 years never woke up after spending the night in a park. He had suffered a brain aneurysm while sleeping. Through her tears our HCC leaders were able to hold her hand and, for the first time, she asked for prayer to get through this incredibly tough situation. These hard moments are also awesome reminders that we are blessed to welcome everyone into our centers. The HCCs are safe spaces where there is always someone who will listen to, care for and truly love those who are hurting.