Monthly Motivation: Lemonade Anyone?

Breaking records with all-time HOT temperatures last month in Arizona (more than 27 days of temperatures of 110 degrees and above!!) we all need a place to beat the heat! One of HCC’s amazing Serving SPROUTS and her family found a creative way to cool off and raise funds for HCC. In the middle of their trip away to beat the heat, their family set up an impromptu lemonade stand on the beach in Del Mar. Not only did they sell lemonade to fellow beach-goers, they jumped on their phones and sent out text messages to family and friends asking for donations to support their daughter’s pop-up stand! Guess what? This little girl’s lemonade stand made $275 in one afternoon, which means ten plus families will be fed and clothed at HCC! If a 5-year-old can find a way to feed ten families in one day, we’re wondering what you can do?