Monthly Motivation: June 2021

This past month HCC was honored to receive two grant awards that will help to financially support HCC’s ‘Food Banking Reimagined’ concept. We are still amazed by the provisions that we receive to run three centers, six days a week, with fully stocked mini-mart and boutique shelves and racks! A very special donation also came in last month that we hold equally as important to our mission as the grant funding. A distant friend, living many states away, took the time to write a sweet letter thanking HCC leaders for their work serving others. She went on to say how much she enjoys reading our monthly newsletters and cheered us all on saying, “Keep up the good work!” She then included a check for $30 to help feed one family. HCC’s goal has always been to attract more helping hands, both near and far, helping to create and build stronger communities. Thank you to our dear friend for caring about the needs of others. Your gift and your kind words encourage all of us that we are, truly, stronger together!