Monthly Motivation: HCC Reaches Las Vegas

Vegas Strong

Monthly Motivation:

HCC Reaches Las Vegas

We all remember turning on our TV’s for the first time last October 1st as the Las Vegas Strip shooting details were aired. Over 900 people were killed or injured in this horrific act of violence in our country. Lives were forever changed, families were torn apart, dreams vanished in a single moment. We’ll never have the answers for why these acts of violence took place, however what we can do is show compassion and strength to the survivors and their families.

Last month, Family Rescue shared with Harvest Compassion Center the news about an Arizona family who had been a victim of the Vegas shooting. An opportunity was presented to partner and bless this family to help them grieve through the holiday season. The HCC jumped in immediately sending several Christmas toys that would bring cheer and smiles to this family who had been through so much. Working together to bring comfort and joy to the hurting are the unspoken opportunities that make true impact. Let’s continue to band together for the greater good, spreading the same love and sacrifice that the Lord shows us.

Vegas Strong