Monthly Motivation: August 2019

Last month, while finishing clean-up duties at HCC, one of our directors heard a girl crying behind a dumpster outside. When the director approached the area where the sound was coming from, she ran into a young lady, her name is Brionna. She is a 23-year-old, with no job, homeless and scared. Over the next couple of hours our director encouraged her, helped her connect with additional resources, and fill out a couple of online job applications.

Brionna left the HCC that day with a renewed HOPE! The next day Brionna called the HCC to share the good news – one of her applications had turned into an in-person interview! However, Brionna had nothing appropriate to wear. Our director told Brionna to come back to HCC and we could help her find that perfect interview outfit. Brionna came and found an outfit that fit like it was made just for her! The next day our director’s phone rang again. It was Brionna, this time our Director heard tears of joy . . . she got the job!