Mission Increase Foundation: Grant Matched!

For the past two months, all of us the Harvest Compassion Center Phoenix have been eagerly inviting individuals, businesses, schools and churches to become a HCC FEED 1 HCC Partner, FEED 1 Partners give $28.00 every month to feed one family.  Mission Increase Foundation, a nationwide ministry who comes alongside faith-based non-profits offering free coaching, training, and consulting with a goal of helping create financially strong organizations.  M.I.F also offers matching grant opportunities.  The HCC Phoenix was honored by being invited to participate in M.I.F.’s matching grant program, along with the support from Giving Hope Worldwide Foundation, the HCC received $15,000 to further impact our community!  This was a matching grant, so for every NEW FEED 1 Partner, M.I.F. matched that donor’s monthly gift dollar-for-dollar.  Our goal was to bring on 45 new FEED 1 partners; we’re thrilled to announce that we exceeded that goal and welcomed 49 new FEED 1 partners during the grant matching time period.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to M.I.F. and Giving Hope Worldwide Foundation for their generosity and intentionality in assisting us grow our FEED 1 program which will ensure that the HCC Phoenix will continue its’ mission for years to come.  Click here for more information on M.I.F. and Giving Hope Worldwide.

To become our newest FEED 1 Partner please click here!  Our goal is to reach 300 FEED 1 Partners!