Merry Christmas!

All of us at MSC, Inc./HCC Phoenix would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year this holiday season.  As we enter the Christmas season just coming from Thanksgiving we’d like to share a list of what we’re thankful for:

  • Over 13 years of outreach work that the Lord has allowed us to do
  • Countless volunteers who have served thousands of hours showing compassion for others
  • Six and half years of feeding families at Harvest Compassion Center Phoenix
  • Opening a brand-new HCC in the West Valley 2018
  • Hiring full and part-time employees who pour their passion and time into this ministry
  • Partners and donors who have walked alongside us, some from day one
  • Lives being changed, hope being restored, and overall God’s grace being poured out

2017 has been a year of challenges, change and new beginnings.  Our prayer continues to be that the Lord allows the work being done at MSC, Inc./HCC Phoenix will be honoring to Him.  As you reflect on the ‘reason for the season’ this month with your loved ones, please know that our family is very thankful for you and your involvement in our projects.  It takes a village and our village continues to grow!

Before you ring in the New Year, be sure to tell your state tax dollars where to go for 2017!  This is the perfect Christmas gift to MSC/HCC because we are in tight competition to win a $25,000 grant through your tax dollars!  That’s right, you donate your state tax dollars and MSC/HCC could triple your gift by winning this grant!  Many individuals prefer all year-end giving done before December 31st, so please follow the steps below to tell Arizona that you want to financially support MSC/HCC Phoenix!

Merry Christmas!

Arizona law provides a credit for cash contributions made to qualifying charities that provide help to the working poor, Mitchell Swaback Charities, Inc. (who fully funds and operates the Harvest Compassion Center) is one of these approved charities!

Here’s how to take full advantage of this opportunity:

  • Donate up to the maximum amounts: $400 or $800 (single/married) or any desired amount to MSC either online or checks can be mailed in to:

MSC/HCC 4744 E. Thunderbird Road Ste. 9 Phoenix, AZ  85032

  • Make donations by year-end, December 31, 2017.
  • Keep your receipt, and submit the credit on your tax return. No extra forms or itemize list are required.  It’s a WIN-WIN, you donate for free through state taxes you already have to pay!

It’s that easy, you tell Arizona where you’d like your tax dollars to go!  We hope you choose MSC/Harvest Compassion Center!  Each dollar will be used to keep our operation performing at full speed, feeding over 6,000 families a year!