Meet Max Trapp

Max isn’t your typical 8th grader; he isn’t solely concerned about the latest and greatest, got-to-have-it fad or school drama that most teenagers focus on.   Max is one of the most mature 8th graders who have walked into the Harvest Compassion Center that we have ever met.  Max got involved with the HCC almost a year ago as he was looking around at charities where he could volunteer and earn service hours for school.  In his search, he found the HCC.  Max starting volunteering with his mom almost monthly and really had no fear jumping right into the mix of things at the center.  He didn’t hesitate to meet and greet guests, start up conversations with strangers, or shy away from serving those who came in.  Through his time at the HCC he has engaged with all of our guests and says it has truly opened his eyes to the needs of others right here in his own community.  “Some clients that come in are barely getting by and I didn’t know that until I began serving at the HCC,” said Max.  “The clients I serve are really nice and really appreciate the assistance that we’re able to give them.”

Max also has very mature faith in the Lord; he knows that his service to the HCC is showing the love of Christ to others.  He understands that we’ve been placed here in this community to meet the needs of others and has a great time doing it at the HCC.  “I was hoping to connect with people by volunteering, instead of just making something, sending it off, and never seeing who it helps. Volunteering at the HCC is a cool experience, to help the less fortunate and make their day a little bit better,” replied Max.

Not only do we appreciate all that Max does by serving and spreading the word of the HCC to others, he even went above and beyond his own service hours and sacrificed his own needs.  Max recently turned 13 years-old, a huge birthday for anyone now entering their teen years.  Many of us can remember exactly what we did for our 13th birthday, what party we threw, fun trip we got to take, or awesome present that finally came.  Not for Max.  Yes, he had the party, however he asked his friends and family to donate canned food or hygiene items that he would donate to the HCC instead of bringing him a present.   “The response I got from my friends when I asked for the donations instead of gifts was shock at first, but then they said it was a cool idea!  They were all really generous and I’m glad all of us did this together,” commented Max.

We told you Max wasn’t your typical 13 year-old!  What a wonderful surprise it was to see Max show up with lots of product to stock our shelves with, and all by making a simple request to others while taking the focus off him.  Max was able to whole heartedly make that request, because he sees the need first hand, he’s in the HCC monthly meeting his neighbors who depend on the HCC to help them get by.

We applaud you Max for the many hours you’ve spend serving others and your generous heart that continues to reach many.