Monthly Motivation: Meet SPROUT Christian Mulleneaux

Christian recently joined our Serving S.P.R.O.U.T.S. Program, which stands for Small People Reaching Out Unselfishly To Serve.  As a SPROUT each kid’s goal is to earn $28.00 dollars a month which will FEED 1 family through the Harvest Compassion Center.  Christian got right to work on this mission!  His family and he set up a SPROUT STAND, loaded with homemade 4th of July crafts, candy and snacks.  By the time they called it quits, Christian made almost $200.00 to feed others!  “My husband and I have been involved in different ways of volunteering our time and money, but now we found a program where our oldest son Christian can get involved in serving others,” replied Sarah, Christian’s mother.  When we asked Christian was one fun thing he experienced creating his SPROUT stand he replied, “I liked that a lot of people just wanted to donate money and didn’t want anything in return.  It made me feel good that they wanted to help a family in need.”

Two thumbs up to you Christian for your hard working attitude and drive, we’re not surprised that God blessed your efforts to serve and feed others!  To find out more information about how your children can become Serving SPROUTS please email Nicolee Thompson.