Matching Grant GOAL Almost Complete!

FEED 1 12

HCC’s matching grant is almost complete!  Mission Increase Foundation came alongside HCC to help develop our partnership programs over the past two years.  In doing so, our FEED 1 monthly donor program was established.  For only $28.00 dollars a month families, churches, businesses can FEED one family with us.  Mission Increase Foundation’s generosity didn’t stop there, as they challenged us to secure 45 NEW FEED 1 partners and in doing so, they would match every single one!  WE ARE ALMOST TO OUR GOAL!  We need 14 more NEW FEED 1 partners and Mission Increase Foundation will release their matching grant dollars!  Will you sign up TODAY to become our newest FEED 1 Partner?  Your impact and donation will be doubled for one year!  Thank you again to Mission Increase Foundation and to all our FEED 1 partners who continue to fuel our mission!  To sign up to become a FEED 1 partner to go: