July Monthly Motivation

This past month HCC welcomed many new volunteers and one volunteer’s story reminded us why we exist. Meet Ramon. Ramon heard about HCC’s volunteering opportunities from his case worker after being ordered to serve 20 hours of community service. Ramon arrived at HCC Maryvale with a great smile and an amazing work ethic, but able to speak very little English, which limited his conversation with HCC’s staff. Ramon had volunteered three straight days at HCC, intaking, disinfecting, and stocking food donations. On the third day Ramon mustered up the courage to ask if he could have a single granola bar and through his broken English tried to explain he was hungry and hadn’t eaten in a couple of days. After getting Ramon much more food than just one granola bar, a translator allowed our staff to sit down and hear his story. Sometimes those who need help the most are standing right in front of us; let Ramon’s story remind us all to open our eyes.