It’s not every day you get to TAKE THE CREDIT for feeding local families in the Valley!

Today, you can TAKE THE CREDIT and feed families with HCC for FREE by utilizing the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program.

How does it work?

You figure your state tax liability and donate what you owe the state to HCC instead. Arizona law allows you to donate a maximum of $400 if you file as a single and $800 if you file as a married couple. After you make your online tax credit gift, simply submit your receipt and ask for your dollar-for-dollar credit. Be sure to include HCC’s state code: 20157. If you live outside of Arizona, let’s hope your state follows Arizona’s lead soon! Millions are donated each year through the charitable tax credit program that allows thousands of nonprofits, just like HCC, to continue our outreach work!

The current pandemic has forced many new families to seek assistance in our centers. Please help us keep up with the current need today! Donate and TAKE THE CREDIT today!