It’s All About the Small Things

Last month at HCC we met over 200 brand-new families who had never googled “Food Bank” or ever even had to ask for any type of food assistance before. Most individuals are a bit anxious walking through our door for the first time. Fear of the unknown is very real. Our job at HCC is to instantly lower their anxiety as we welcome them in with a smile, handshake, bottle of water and a comfortable place to sit. A smile at the door can mean the difference between an individual coming all the way inside to stay or turning around and leaving.

Once inside our new clients are very observant, watching our volunteers, team members and other families shopping for their groceries and clothing. And what do our new clients see when they look around? Last month a new client saw a volunteer down on her knees helping a homeless woman try on new gym shoes in our boutique. She needed new shoes so badly to protect her feet from the wind and cold. About an hour later another new client observed two people, who walked in as strangers, became fast friends during their time waiting in our lobby. As team members walked them out to say goodbye, one noticed that the other had no ride home. Within minutes their new friend was offering a ride, so they didn’t have to walk. As a new client entered our mini-mart he witnessed a volunteer offering to read specific food labels for an elderly lady so she could shop for the correct food items.

These aren’t just random acts of kindness; these are very intentional acts of love! From our team to our volunteers, this is how we are loving, serving, and providing for everyone who find ‘HCC’ in their online search!